Guesthouse Ochakare is located in central Kanazawa, only a five minute walk or less than a minute walk from stations. clean, cozy, and friendly accommodation.


กRoom Type and Price (Tax included^Price(JPY))

*Private room
Japanese style Tatami-mat room ---------------------------------------------------Contact Us>>
*Standard room or Budget room
@@@@@@1 ` 2 Persons @@@@@‚U,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚U,‚T‚O‚OYen/room@@
@@@@@@@@ 3 Persons@@@@@@7,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚W,‚V‚O‚OYen/room@@
@@@@@@@@ 4 Persons@ @@@‚P‚Q,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚P‚R,‚O‚O‚OYen/room@@
@@@@@@@@ 5 Persons@@@ @‚P‚R,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚P‚T,‚Q‚O‚OYen/room@@
@@@@@@@@6 Persons@@@ @‚P‚T,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚P‚U,‚Q‚O‚OYen/room

Twin room (Bunk Bed)@@@@@ @@‚T,‚W‚O‚OYen@|@‚U,‚T‚O‚OYen/room@@

6 beds room (Bunk Bed)
@@@@@@@@4 Persons
@@@@@@@@‚T Persons@@@@‚P1,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚P‚S,‚T‚O‚OYen/room@@@
@@@@@@@@‚U Persons@@@@‚P‚Q,‚O‚O‚OYen@|@‚P‚T,‚O‚O‚OYen/room@@

*Domitory room
@----------------------------------------------------------------------Contact Us>>
Mixed Domitory room@@@ @@@‚Q,‚V‚O‚OYen@|@‚R,‚Q‚O‚OYen/person@@
Female Domitory room@@@@@@‚Q,‚V‚O‚OYen@|@‚R,‚Q‚O‚OYen/person@@

Early Bird Reservation !!@
 กDomitory room :
2,000 Yen/night
 กJapanese room :
6,000~ Yen/night
 กTwin room :
5,500 Yen/night
 กPlease note.
It is
non-refundable booking after payment. "Early Bird Reservation" is guaranteed by online payment by using your credit card.
กExcept High season, Saturday, the day before national holiday and Lunar New Year
กReservations are accepted up to 21 days prior to your check-in date.

กCheck-in abarble from 16:00 to 20:30. Late check-in is not accepted.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Contact Us>>

Government-issued photo identification is required at check-in.
*5% Japanese consumption tax is included. There are no service charges.
*We ask all guests to settle payments at check-in.
*Cash payment only. We do not accept any credit cards.
Pets are not allowed
Stays for children under 13 years are not permitted.

Cancellation Policy
7 days before: 50% cancellation fee.
Three days before or no-show: 100% cancellation fee.